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Online weight management; Lemon can be your weight 4.0 real-time transmission of data via Bluetooth to a waistline APP you do not need to match just open the APP open the Bluetooth mobile phone you can watch your weight real-time data! Weighing get reminded (anti snooze artifact) if you choose to turn on the alarm clock function APP will remind you to record weight in the morning just to complete the weighing the alarm will automatically stop; This feature is optional on or off; Junior partner to share (community sharing features) in the APP community you can see the experience of other small partners experience you can also share their wonderful experience but also can be shared to third parties own dynamic community (micro-channel Sina Weibo); Ultra-luxurious texture hardware configuration; Lemon fully enclosed body design not only durable and resistant to precise weighing even by force; Also equipped with a full-scale sealed TPU foot allowing you to use the bathroom can also be normal; Large blue backlit screen so you can easily read the weight data; 3.17mm ultimate slim so look more pleasing; High G-sensor to ensure the accuracy of the weighing accuracy every time

Видео: Homemade Lemonade Recipe w/ cucumber, ginger, & mint