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Автомойка Clown fish  220v автомойка clown fish 220v

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Length of USB wire: 59cm. Instruction: 1. Pull out the antenna of the controller to its maximus turn on the controller and put the fish in the water. At the moment shark is with electricity (do not put your hand around the tail of the fish and make sure there is no barrier around the tail). If you stop operating take the fish out of the water make it dry with cloth. When the two contact points are without water the fish is with no electricity and tail stops swaying. 2. Press the button the fish is ready to start. The dirction light on the controller will shine when the button is pressed. Press the onward key the fish will move onward press left/right key the fish will move to left/right. 3. Charge: Put the USB faucet into computer at the moment the USB faucet's light will not shine. Open the cover on the fish put the charging faucet into the fish's then USB faucet's light turns on. Time of charging is about 20 minutes. The USB light turns off charging is finished. It can work for 15 minutes.

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