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Multi-platinum rap phenomenon Eminem assumes his alter ego "Slim Shady" Tо unleash his most provocative personality to date in a hilarious and surreal expose of todays pop culture.Enter the animated world of "Slim Shady" and his crew featuring The Naive high school underdog Marshall, the devious fashion fiend Ken Keniff.Slim's most loyal smoked-out disciple dave and the muscle bound outspoken big в who feels it's his duty to beat up on every over-hyped celebrity that crosses his path."The Slim Shady" show has already become a feature of Eminem's Live performances throughout the UK and includes episodes suck as "The Party Crashers", "Slimshank Redemption", "Moviestar Marshall", "Dyke Hills Mall" and the Brand new UK exclusive "The Ass And the curious".Slim Shady is without doubt the flyest and most self-promoting homeboy in town...