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ORICO PHB35-5 5-Bay HDD Protect Box For 3.5 HDD Snaplock Design HDD Enclosure - Black чехол для hdd 3 5 orico php 35 pu фиолетовый

чехол для hdd 3 5 orico php 35 pu фиолетовый купить по лучшей цене

ORICO PHB35-5 complete set of product weighed 1.2 KG besides with makings fastidious; It without using a self-contained assembly structure design capability is very positive!Five panel remarked red yellow blue green purple to distinguish such as red: important work information yellow: AAA or other blue: movies green: download or clearing data purple family photos or video data! Of course you can also according to own actual needs! Product features: 1. Use high-grade materials excellent texture; 2. Volume: 200 x 155 x 168mm can receive five 3.5 -inch hard disk at the same time; 3. Built-in has five independent drive to receive slot convenient sorting 4. Content label design easy to find; 5. Bottom with anti-skid rubber pad solid security; 6. CE/FCC/RoHS environmental protection safety certification;

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