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Ann Xinan Sun Insight to US Education. a Mom and Her Ivy Leaguers 民国名家史学典藏文库:中国风俗史

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2013年度“中國好書獎”得主 《洪業傳》作者新著陳毓賢是近年來相當活躍的一位學者。她為上世紀早期重要學人、歷史學家洪業所撰《洪業傳》,曾獲2013年度“中國好書獎”,并入選新浪網等多種媒體好書榜。她也曾與周質平合著記錄胡適與韋蓮司半世紀情緣的專著,并與白睿文合作翻譯王安憶長篇小說《長恨歌》。一生愛中國文化,與漢學家相伴(陳的先生是漢學家艾朗諾),生活在漢學圈中,陳毓賢戲稱自己是“漢學票友”,這本書也順理成章地命名為“寫在漢學邊上”。本書中,陳毓賢從親身經歷和第一手資料出發,描寫、記錄她所熟識、了解的一流漢學家們,如韓南、司禮義、柯立夫等,以及胡適、趙元任等中國學人,和燕京大學教授群。她與眾不同的私人化視角,使我們能從個人生活的角度去了解漢學家們,以及他們所從事的研究。A collection of essays about pioneering Sinologists, written by someone with personal knowledge of their quirks and foibles, and their valiant efforts to bring East and West together. These essays, previously published in scholarly journals as well as the Chinese popular press, reflect on the lives and scholarship of Hu Shi, William Hung, Francis Cleaves, Achilles Fang, Y. R Chao and his daughter Rulan Chao Pian, Patrick Hanan, L. Carrington Goodrich, Paul Serruys, Isabella Yen, Michael Lindsay, and women teaching at Yenching University in the 1930s. Full of vividly told anecdotes, Reflections at the Margins of Sinology should be a fun read to anyone interested in East-West relations and the history of Chinese studies in the United States.