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The Adventures of Mr. Clackworthy presents 8 tales of Christopher Booth's antihero – Amos Clackworthy, swindler extraordinaire. Together with his henchman The Early Bird, Mr. Clackworthy pursues a life of crime, preying on those who deserve to be conned. Included in this volume are: <P> MR. CLACKWORTHY: AN INTRODUCTION, by Steve Lewis<BR> MR. CLACKWORTHY TELLS THE TRUTH<BR> MR. CLACKWORTHY WITHIN THE LAW<BR> MR. CLACKWORTHY’S PIPE DREAM<BR> MR. CLACKWORTHY TURNS CHEMIST<BR> MR. CLACKWORTHY DIGS A HOLE<BR> MR. CLACKWORTHY REVIVES A TOWN<BR> MR. CLACKWORTHY SELLS SHORT<BR> MR. CLACKWORTHY’S POT OF GOLD

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