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Andre Rieu: Welcome To My Word. Episodes 9-11 2017 bts live trilogy episode iii the wings tour in seoul release date 2017 11 01

2017 bts live trilogy episode iii the wings tour in seoul release date 2017 11 01 купить по лучшей цене

2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Rush's eponymous debut album in 1974. This superb collector's box set brings together live performances by Rush from each decade of their career. It includes "Rush In Rio", "R30", "Snakes & Arrows Live", "Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland" and "Clockwork Angels Tour" plus a bonus disc of previously unseen and unreleased live material stretching from 1974 to 2013. To the delight of fans, the bonus disc will include all 8 songs from the Laura Secord Secondary School show in 1974 which features original drummer John Rutsey. That recording includes 2 Rush originals "I've Been Runnin" and "The Loser", as well as their cover of Larry William's "Bad Boy", made famous by The Beatles. The bonus discus also features 5 songs from songs from the Capitol Theatre in 1976 such as "Anthem" and "Lakeside Park", the rarely performed full, 7-part version of "2112" filmed in 1997, "Lock and Key" from the Hold Your Fire tour, as well as footage from the glorious evening when Rush fans got their beloved band inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rush are renowned for the energy and excitement of their live concerts and this set brings together some of their finest performances. The 10 DVD (or 6 Blu-ray) discs are contained in a stunning 52 page hardback book measuring 305mm x 225mm with the 10 discs contained in 5 additional rigid insert pages each holding two discs. The 52 pages of the book are filled with memorabilia and photographs documenting 40 years of Rush live in concert. This is the ultimate collection of Rush live performances, beautifully presented. R40 BONUS: Need Some Love Before and After Best I Can I've Been Runnin' Bad Boy The Loser Working Man In the Mood (partial) Bastille Day Anthem Lakeside Park 2112 Fly By Night/In the Mood Limelight Half the World Limbo Virtuality Nobody's Hero Test For Echo Leave That Thing Alone/Drum Solo 2112Rush In Rio: Disc One: Tom Sawyer Distant Early Warning New World Man Roll The Bones Earthshine YYZ The Pass Bravado The Big Money The Trees Free Will Closer To The Heart Natural Science Intermission One Little Victory Driven Ghost Rider Secret Touch Dreamline Red Sector A Leave That Thing Alone O Baterista Resist 2112 Limelight La Villa Sfrangiato The Spirit of Radio By-Tor and the Snow Dog / Cygnus X-1 / Working ManDisc Two: The Documentary "The Boys in Brazil" YYZ О Baterista La Villa SfrangiatoR30: Disc One: Finding My Way Anthem Bastille Day A Passage to Bangkok Cygnus X-1 Hemispheres The Spirit of Radio Force Ten Animate Subdivisions Earthshine Red Barchetta Roll the Bones The Seeker Tom Sawyer Dreamline Between the Wheels Mystic Rhythms Der Trommler Resist Heart Full of Soul 2112/Xanadu /Working Man Summertime Blues Crossroads LimelightDisc Two: Interviews: 1979 Hamilton, Ivor Wynne Stadium 1981 Le Studio, Quebec 1988 Rush Hits St Johns 1990 Artist of the Decade interviews 1994 Juno Hall of Fame induction 2002 Vapor Trails tour interview The Anthem Vault Fly By Night Finding My Way (mpeg l from Rock Concert) In the Mood (mpeg1 from Rock Concert) Circumstances La Villa Sfrangiato A Farewell to Kings Xanadu The Spirit of Radio (Sound Check -1979 Ivor Wynne Stadium) Free Will (from Toronto Rocks - 2003) Closer to the Heart (from Canada for Asia - 2005) Snakes & Arrows Live: Disc One: Limelight Digital Man Entre Nous Mission Free Will The Main Monkey Business The Larger Bowl Secret Touch Circumstances Between the Wheels DreamlineDisc Two: Far Cry Workin' Them Angels Armor and Sword Spindrift The Way the Wind Blows Subdivisions Natural Science Witch Hunt Malignant Narcissism - De Slagwerker Hope Distant Early Warning The Spirit of Radio Tom SawyerEncore: One Little Victory A Passage to Bangkok YYZ Oh Atlanta!The Authorized Bootlegs Ghost of a Chance Red Barchetta The Trees 2112/The Temples of SyrinxTime Machine: 2011 Live In Cleveland: Set One: The 'Real' History of Rush Episode No. 2 "Don't Be Rash" The Spirit of Radio Time Stand Still Presto Stick It Out Workin' Them Angels Leave That Thing Alone Faithless BU2B Free Will Marathon SubdivisionsSet Two: The 'Real' History of Rush Episode No. 17 "...and Rock and Roll is my name." Tom Sawyer Red Barchetta YYZ Limelight The Camera Eye Witch Hunt Vital Signs Caravan Moto Perpetuo (featuring Love For Sale) O'Malley's Break Closer To The Heart 2112 Overture/The Temple of Syrinx Far CryEncore: La Villa Sfrangiato Working ManBonus Material: Outtakes from "History of Rush, Episode 2 & 17" "Tom Sawyer" featuring the cast of "History of Rush, Episode 17" "Need Some Love" Live from Laura Secord Secondary School "Anthem" Live from Passaic New JerseyClockwork Angels Tour Dvd Set: Disc One: Set One: Subdivisions The Big Money Force Ten Grand Designs The Body Electric Territories The Analog Kid Bravado Where's My Thing?/Here It Is! (drum solo) Far CrySet Two: Caravan Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Carnies The Wreckers Headlong Flight*/Drumbastica (drum solo) Peke's Repose (guitar solo)/Halo Effect Seven Cities of Gold Wish Them Well The Garden Dreamline The Percussor (I) Binary Love Theme (II) Steambanger's Ball (drum solo) Red Sector A YYZ The Spirit of RadioEncore: Tom Sawyer 2112Disc Two: Bonus: Limelight (soundcheck recording) Middletown Dreams The Pass Manhattan ProjectSpecial Features: Can't Stop Thinking Big (tour documentary) Behind The Scenes (featuring Jay Baruchel) Outtakes Interview with Dwush Family Goy Family Sawyer The Watchmaker (intermission tour film) Office Of The Watchmaker (closing tour film)