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50mm f1.8 APS-C Multi-coated CCTV TV Movie Lens+C Mount for Nikon 1 AW1 S2 J4 V3 V2 J3 V1 J1 J2 J5 mirrorless Camera 35mm f1 6 cctv tv movie c mount lens aps c for canon eosm m2 m3 mirrorless camera

35mm f1 6 cctv tv movie c mount lens aps c for canon eosm m2 m3 mirrorless camera купить по лучшей цене

The 50mm F/1.8 C-Mount CCTV Movie Lens is an optically sophisticated lens that can be used on almost all mirrorless cameras. The lens is beautifully constructed with two lenses made of quality glass with a high refraction factor. Weight and dimensions can therefore be as minimal as possible. The lens is also constructed with one a spherical lens that prevents horizontal chromatic aberration. With its high quality, dense, anti-reflexive layers, this CCTV lens produces stunningly high contrasts and perfectly reflects natural colors. Images come out crystal clear and sharp. Feature C-Mount CCTV Movie Lens A manual focus, manual aperture compatible with most mirrorless digital cameras on the market. Widely Compatibility You can use the lens on Micro 4/3, NEX (APS-C), Fujifilm X-Pro, Nikon J1/J2/V1/V2/J3/V3, Canon EOS M, Pentax Q with different adapter, no vignette. Low Dispersion, Multicoated Optical Glass Helps minimize flare and outer-edge distortion for crystal-clear images. The attached tulip lens hood blocks light to prevent glare. 50mm Focal Length Helps you capture expanded areas or small spaces. F/1.8 Maximum Aperture Can deliver beautiful, bright photos and videos with softly out-of-focus backgrounds. 32° Perspective Lets you capture a wide area for greater detail. Minimum Focusing Distance of 30cm For enhanced close-up shots. 6 Elements in 4 Groups Hybrid aspherical lens element for sharply defined images. Specification Mount Type C Mount Focal Length 50mm Aperture F1.8-16 Elements/Group 6/4 Angle of View(AOV) 32° Aperture Blades 6 Minimum Focus Distance 300mm Front Thread Diameter 46mm Length 53mm Front Part Diameter 53mm Rear Part Diameter 39.5mm Focus & Aperture Manual Vignetting Covers APS-C Sensor with no Vignetting Package Included 1 x C-Mount CCTV Lens, 1 x Front Lens Cap, 1 x Back Lens Cap, 1 x Storage Pouch Package Size 8L x 7W x 7H cm Weight 210g

Видео: Fujian CCTV 35mm F1.7 C Mount Lens + Canon EOS M

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