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R. Leland Smith A Place Called Harbinger a place called here

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There lies a place about four billion light years from here. I'm rounding up as it's closer to four than three. This place is in a galaxy called Ursula Nebula. Within this galaxy lies a planet called Circo, and on that planet is an island called Enormous Island. On this island lies a town called Clingthorpe. The locals follow a sport called goose chasing, which as the name would suggest, involves the chasing of geese. Then there are the sheep shigglers, who seem to be a law unto themselves.In this town lives a man called Maurice Twistle. On first glance this man seems like any other man, except for the fact that he wears only tweed. On closer observation, however, Maurice Twistle is a man with many secrets. A man who reckons he knows the truth about the Fabled Tapestry of Paragon. The thing is, will anyone listen, and will he be able to save planet Circo from impending doom?