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ACCELERATOR BACKPACK accelerator backpack

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With 16-bit ADC output of 3 axis accelerator 3 axis gyro and 3 axis magnetometer; Chip: MPU9250; Power voltage: 3~5V; Communication mode: I2C / SPI; Gyro range: +/-250 +/-500 +/-1000 +/-2000dps; Accelerator range: +/-2G +/-4G +/-8G +/-16G; Magnetometer range: +/-4800uF; Frequency: register: 1MHz SPI / I2C: 400KHz; Gyro working current: 3.2mA sleeping current: 8uA; Accelerator working current: 450uA sleeping current: 8uA; Magnetometer working current: 280uA

Видео: Think Tank Photo Airport Accelerator (V2.0) Backpack Review. Best Bag For A Photographer

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