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Beddall F. Brilliant Britain: The Seaside. Level A2 (+DVD) beddall f brilliant britain the seaside level a2 dvd

beddall f brilliant britain the seaside level a2 dvd купить по лучшей цене

CULTUREVIEW offers a window onto contemporary culture and life in Britain with engaging videos for the teenage student. The videos are accompanied by photocopiable worksheets at two levels: Standard and High. CULTUREVIEW DVD Pack 2 covers six topic areas in 12 videos: Music, Landscape, Media, Animals, Literature, Language. The DVD provides: Six drama sketches of everyday situations, highlighting the use of functional language and natural English. Six cultural documentaries with information about life in Britain today - Full subtitle and scene selection functionality. The CD-ROM provides: Photocopiable worksheets at two levels - Standard and High - for different levels of class and/or mixed-ability classes. Teacher's notes, answer keys and DVD scripts.