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New Portable Aluminium Alloy Professional Digital Camera Tripod  for SLR DSLR Digital Camera Gorillapod Tripode  DY868 benro tripods is05 reflexed self lever travel light tripod slr digital camera portable handset head wholesale dhl

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The BENRO C2690TB1 Travel Angel Tripod Kits Featuring the best selling matched B1 BENRO Ballhead, and QIHM-8X light weight carbon fiber leg tubes. This Travel Angel tripod is easy to carry, so you'll have it with you at all times. Travel Angel's unique 180° fold over design allows it to be collapsed into a very compact size that can easily fit into backpacks or luggage. When you need quick set-up, excellent maximum height and a rigid, stable support, the Travel Angel is an impressive performer. Tripod Carbon Fiber Legs The Travel Angel BENRO C2690TB1Tripod constructed from 8 layers of carbon fiber, these legs maximize the strength-to-weight ratio of the tripod, giving you the sturdiness you require without weighing you down. High Performance Twist Locks Travel Angel Tripods utilize high performance, rubber twist locks for improved ergonomics and resistance to the elements. Reverse Folding Legs A specially designed spider allows C2690T Tripod to be folded upwardly, greatly reducing the tripod's foot print when it is time to pack. Spiked Feet A set of spiked feet are included for increased stability when shooting outdoors. Stability A hook, located on the bottom o the center-column, allows you to hang additional weight from the tripod's center of gravity for increased stability. Ball Head Dual Action Ballhead Benro B1 professional ball heads offer separate drag adjustment and lock knobs, for a dual action design, magnesium alloy components ensure even greater performance and lighter weight. Quick-Release Clamp The included quick release plate is Arca-Swiss style, and industry standard. The newly designed safety lock ensures great security for your gears. International Standard Screw Nut 3/8" international standard screw connector ensures a wide range of compatible with other brands. Lengthen Guard Rail and Safety Stop Nail Lengthen guard rail is convenient to adjust the gravity centre of camera. The nail can prevent the gears to fall off by accident. Rubber Pad and Bubble Level the added rubber pad ensure a closely connect with the camera for a very stable configuration, built-in bubble level for simplifies camera alignment. 360 Degree Panning Accurate panoramas can be easily orchestrated using the graduated panning scale for precise image alignment. General Load Capacity 26.4lb(12kg) Head Attachment Fitting 3/8"-16 Maximum Height 62"(157.5cm) Maximum Height Without Column Extended 53.54"(136cm) Minimum Height 16.33" (41.5cm) Folded Length 16.33" (41.5cm) Tripod Self Weight 3.70lb (1.68kg) Leg Material Carbon Fiber Leg Sections 5 Spiked/Retractable Feet Removable Independent Leg Spread Yes Max. Leg Pipe Diameter 29mm Min. Leg Pipe Diameter 18.5mm Center Column Center Column Type Sliding Center Column Sections 1 Ball Head Ballhead Type B1 Height 94mm Load Capacity 26.4lb(12kg) Fitting Size & Type Head Mount: 1/4"-20, Base Mount: 3/8"-16 Weight 0.79lb (0.36kg)

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