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Child Lauren Charlie and Lola: My Dancing Sticker Book child lauren charlie and lola my dancing sticker book

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A Charlie and Lola sticker book, all about dancing, from Lauren Child. Lola really wants to learn to dance, but all the different kinds of dancing that she tries are too difficult or too floaty or too tappy. 'Oh!' says Lola. 'I don't think I am good at ANY kind of dancing.' Will Lotta and Charlie be able to cheer her up? A favourite Charlie and Lola sticker book, now reissued with an especially new cover. Based on the award-winning books by Lauren Child, Charlie and Lola is now a top-rated BBC children's television show and a huge international hit. Lauren is also the multi-talented prize-winning creator of Clarice Bean and co-creator of the widely acclaimed The Princess and the Pea. Lauren lives in London. Charlie and Lola is produced by Tiger Aspect Productions, one of the UK's most successful and prolific independent television producers of shows such as Robin Hood and The Catherine Tate Show.