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2017 Gears Fidget Spinner Fingertip Finger Top Gyro Toys EDC ADHD Fidget Hand Spiner Spiral Desktop Anti Stress Finger Game colorful fingertip exercise abs adhd fidget ball

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Video This hand spinner featuring colorful LED light, Bluetooth speaker, ABS material, and compact size. Easy to carry. Features Connect with your Bluetooth device, then you can enjoy wonderful music while you rotate the hand spinner. Support TF card(not included). With colorful LED lights, cool and attractive. High performance bearing for extremely fast and long spin times. Spinning time is up to 100s. Help reduce stress, anxiety and symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, Autism, nail biting, hair twirling and leg bouncing. Keep your hands and floating attention busy. Mini enough to put in your pocket for EDC to play it anytime. Specifications Type Hand Spinner Material ABS + metal Input 5V/0.1A Spinning Time 100s Battery Capacity 200mAh Product Size 87 x 79 x 17.5mm Package Contents 1 x Hand Spinner

Видео: What's inside a Fidget Cube?

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