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Eric Justin Lim CRONUS VERSUS ZEUS cronus alice 12 2015

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The next big thing in Artificial Intelligence is here.Codenamed Cronus, the machine is capable of having its own thoughts and ideas—an absolute dream come true, until it wasn’t. When Cronus responds with the word “No,” to a specific task it is assigned, Anagnorisis Technologies brings in Gilles Guattari to investigate.His combined background in Psychiatry, Psychology, and AI research makes him their best hope in evaluating Cronus, and determining if the machine is only malfunctioning or if it has become something more. Don't miss this mind-blowing standalone novel about what it means to be alive, from the bestselling author of the Commune Series.

Видео: Обзор велосипеда Cronus Alice 16 (2016)