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Come and join the Collins English Club where learning English is always fun! Collins English Club is a new activity book for young learners of English to use at home on their own or with their parents. Children can colour in, play games, use stickers, solve puzzles, and sing along to songs or listen to stories in English on the accompanying CD. They will love the fun, colourful design and pages packed full of exciting activities! The 9 chapters cover topics such as ‘What do you look like?’ and ‘At the zoo’, giving children the language they need to talk about themselves and their interests. They will revise the alphabet and numbers, as well as key vocabulary such as colours, parts of the body and animals. Collins English Club 1 will help children to discover the basics of English, increase their confidence and help them to remember what they have learnt. Other features include: • Two pages of colourful stickers for use with the activities • CD containing songs and stories • Plenty of space for writing, drawing and colouring • Puzzles and games in a wide variety of styles • ‘Close up’ sections focus on the target language • Word bank to consolidate and revise new vocabulary • Answer key for parents to correct the activities • Helpful notes for parents and teachers Join the English Club today and discover the new, exciting world of English that everyone will want to be a part of!