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The West will never be the same…The Swinging R Ranch by Debbi RawlinsBoston playboy Maxwell Bennett needs cash–fast! So he's thrilled when he inherits a ranch in Nevada…until he discovers that the ranch is actually a brothel and that the «ladies» are all over sixty (the R that's swinging stands for Retiree!). Suddenly, Max has more women than he can handle. But the only one he's interested in is beautiful Abby Cunningham, the town's next mayor. Only she wants nothing to do with The Swinging R. Or its new owner…Whose Line Is It Anyway? by Debbi RawlinsAttorney Taylor Madison is tired of the Boston rat race. She needs to slow down and appreciate the finer things in life. And oh-so-sexy rancher Clint Southwick is definitely fine! So, when they hit it off at Max's wedding, Taylor decides a little fling might be in order…until a mix-up with their cell phones leaves her wondering if Clint is as honest as he seems. But how can she expose the man when she's quickly losing her heart to him?

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