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DK Readers L4: LEGO Friends: Welcome to Heartlake City dk readers l1 feeding time

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Learn about the history of coding and computers in DK Reader The Story of Coding. Young readers will find out what coding is, how it developed, and how modern codes are used for everyday purposes.DK's innovative range of levelled readers combines a highly visual approach with non-fiction narratives that children will love reading. DK Reader The Story of Coding is a level 2 reader, Beginning to Read, packed with intriguing facts, from Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace's first steps in computer programming to today's wide variety of coding languages and their uses, and the impact of the Internet and apps on programming.There's a message in ASCII for readers to decode, plus tips for writing their own code with child-friendly Scratch programming. Explore the world of coding with DK Reader The Story of Coding, packed with facts kids will love reading.

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