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Arthur Conan Doyle The Captain of the Polestar and Other Tales doyle arthur conan the captain of the polestar and other tales

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More strange tales from the pen of Sir Arthur Conan DoyleThis second helping of the Leonaur three volume edition of Conan Doyle's weird and unearthly fiction continues with yet another generous helping of uneasy reading as part of what is, perhaps, an unprecedented gathering together of this great writers contributions to the genre. This volume includes the novella, 'The Doings of Raffles Haw' and two novelettes, 'Danger, Being the Log of Captain John Sirius' and 'Bones, the April Fool of Harvey's Sluice.' In addition the fourteen short stories here include 'The Captain of the Polestar,' 'The Brazilian Cat,' 'The Brown Hand,' 'The Usher of Lea House School,' 'The Japanned Box,' 'Through the Veil, 'The Ring of Thoth' and other equally gripping tales of terror. This Leonaur three volume set appears in coordinating covers and is available in softcover and in hardcover with dustjacket making it an essential addition to the libraries of collectors.

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