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Bowden, Steve , Newbury, Kate Upgrade [A2]: WB edwards l the british royal family level a2 dvd

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This is the first book dedicated to the portraiture of legendary photographer Terence Donovan (1936–1996). Donovan’s interest in portraiture spanned the entirety of his four-decade career, when he worked for major British and international magazines including Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Donovan undertook numerous private portrait commissions, photographing public figures from the worlds of arts, politics, and business, in addition to members of the British Royal family. Some of his many sitters include Yasser Arafat, Naomi Campbell, Sean Connery, Diana Princess of Wales, Laurence Olivier, and Charlotte Rampling, among many others. Along with his iconic portraits, this book will feature unseen work from Donovan’s archive, never previously published or exhibited. The book will also include magazine spreads, contact sheets, and pages from diaries and daybooks—rare ephemera that provide a unique insight into Donovan’s working practice.

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