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Hiroshi Yuki, Tony Gonzalez Math Girls 3. Godel.s Incompleteness Theorems hiroshi yuki math girls

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INCLUDES VIDEO TUTORIALS. ONE FOR EACH LESSON IN THE BOOKNo More Tears Math!Super Math Books + Video Tutorials = Super Success in MathTwice the math at half the price!A Must-Have Experience for 4th and 5th GradersGrade 4 is when many students begin a sharp decline in their math learning. This trend needs to be nipped in the bud. This book will ensure that your students will learn the math they need to know.Chapter 1 - Whole NumbersChapter 2 - FractionsChapter 3 - DecimalsChapter 4 - Ratios, Proportions, PercentChapter 5 - GeometryChapter 6 - Number Theory & AlgebraChapter 7 - IntegersChapter 8 - Charts & GraphsChapter 9 - Probability & StatisticsChapter 10 - Word Problems*Lots of Examples and Lots of Math Practice*Excellent for Home Schooling Math Tutoring *Excellent For English Language Learners *Contains An Illustrated Step-By-Step How To Use This Math Book Section*All Math Topics are organized by Chapters With Pre-Tests and Post-Tests to Help Measure Math Achievement *Provides Necessary Structure and Guuidance for Math Teachers, Math Tutors, and Parents Who are Providing Math Tutoring *Each Math Lesson Is Short, Concise, And Self-Contained *Prepares Students in all Important Math Topics *Produces Amazing Result

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