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King S. Dark Tower: Dark Tower howard phillips lovecraft the haunter of the dark

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"A mighty achievement. Thank you." John Lennon"Revealing, provocative and controversial, the documentary was all those things and more and still has the power to enthral and entertain some 30 years later." The Beat Magazine "The show pops with original and archival interviews." Rich Heldenfels The story of rock 'n' roll begins and ends in Memphis, Tennessee, in the tiny studio of record producer Sam Phillips. He tells of how he discovered Elvis Presley and of the struggle he had to get Presley accepted. It was not the overnight success story that is popularly believed. Before long, however, Presley came to symbolize the spirit of an entire generation. How did this happen, and why? Or was it simply the product of Sam Phillips' imagination and Presley's stage presence?


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