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Influence of Attorneys' Attributes and Behaviors on the Jury's Verdict influence of attorneys attributes and behaviors on the jury s verdict

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In a world where culture has great influence, there is a need to check the behavioural approach so as to enhance business operations and better the field of project management. The aim of this research is to identify the influence of culture and explore the role of trust within cross-border alliances in and outside of the construction industry, with special emphasis on cross-cultural communication. The Qualitative method involved triangulation with two case studies and six interviews which were conducted with five respondents in Newcastle and one respondent in Leeds. The respondents comprised of Top level managers-Directors and Junior Multicultural employees. Open ended questions were administered which gave the opportunity for 'random' relevant information. The case studies were both intrinsic and exploratory which allowed some critical analysis. The role of Trust is one that enhances communication in face of cultural diversity and so trust is applicable at every stage to maintain communication. The findings informed a final reviewed version of the earlier proposed model which checks cross-cultural Integration with a focus on behavioral attributes during partnership relationships.

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