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Influence of Attorneys' Attributes and Behaviors on the Jury's Verdict influence of attorneys attributes and behaviors on the jury s verdict

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Risk behaviors are those behaviors that can have adverse effects on the well-being of the students and might prevent them from future successes both in their studies and lives. Because they include behaviors that have negative effects; like risk sexual behaviors, alcohol, drugs, etc., which can significantly impact their lives and the lives of their friends. The assessment on some of the universities in Ethiopia shows that the students are in many behaviors of concern to the educators, family, government, religious organizations, a health and to the public as the future of the country depends on them and on the way we treat them. The risk-behaviors observed also has link to a host of other health compromising behaviors such as engagement in risk sexual behaviors which exposes them to the infection of sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. Besides, the source of information and knowledge in the university to bring behavioral change is not significant. It is shown that even the most effective strategies are insufficient in preventing the risk behaviors and the transmissions of the HIV and AIDS.

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