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Jeff Pearce The Karma Booth jeff pearce the karma booth

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These six lectures, collected in one volume, may be the best overview ever written on what karma is and how it works. In the first lecture, Steiner presents the various universal laws that exist, so one may gain an understanding of how karma fits in and relates to them. Once the reader is prepared for an explanation of human destiny and our place in creation, lecture two moves forward and covers this nicely. The third lecture shows how our use of freedom works with karma, plus where we go between lives and what that is like. The fourth lecture reveals how karma appears and develops in one’s life. It covers how we come into this world prepared to use it, including the fact that we have, hidden within us, a karmic impulse that may direct our future path. Talk five covers the inner influences we have that effect karma, both mental and physical in nature, and how people often fail to understand how cause and effect works on the inner levels. The final lecture outlines the essential nature of the human being in great detail. It presents a three-fold hierarchy using conscious and unconscious elements, which explains how karma is experienced, generated and used. This book is a must for anyone who wants to gain a complete understanding of karma and how it works.

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