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JJC RI-9 зеркальная камера дождя водонепроницаемый плащ прилагается три комплекта специальных очков, подходящих для Canon SLR Nikon SLR части jjc ri 9

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100% Full compatibility with Sony RM-S1AM RM-S1LM and Minolta RC-1000S RC-1000L original controllers - Compact multiple features in one design: focus shutter bulb self timer interval shutter release exposure timer multiple exposure timer and some other features - Precision digital timers built-in - Timer range for all features: from 1 second all the way up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds - Interval filming with configurable time interval (perfect for time elapsed photography) - Bulb control (up to 100 hours exposure time) - Supports interval based multiple exposure control (up to 399 exposures) - Designed to work on the following SLR and Digital SLR camera models: Sony DSLR-A100 DSLR-A100K DSLR-A200 Sony DSLR-A300 DSLR-A350 DSLR-A700 . Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D Maxxum 5D Dynax 7D Dynax 5D Maxxum 9 Maxxum 7 Maxxum 4 Maxxum 3 Dynax 9 Dynax 7 Dynax 4 Dynax 3 Maxxum 807si Maxxum 700si Maxxum 600si Maxxum 505si Maxxum 500si Dynax 505si Dynax 500si Dynax Sweets Maxxum 9000 Maxxum 7000 Maxxum 5000 Dynax 9000 Dynax 7000 Dynax 5000 DiMAGE 7Hi DiMAGE 7i DiMAGE 7 DiMAGE 5 DiMAGE A1 DiMAGE A2

Видео: National Schools Basketball A Div Championships - RI Boys vs JJC 9

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