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Land and Schooling land and schooling

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Education for pastoralist communities remains a challenge to the country’s socio – economic development. The Arid and Semi Arid Lands (ASALs) that are mostly inhabited by the pastoralists have recorded low enrolment rates, high dropout rates, and unsatisfactory completion and transition rates at various levels of education. This coupled with poor performance by most of the learners and few transition options at tertiary level has left young generation with minimum prosperity in education. Worsened by retrogressive cultures like Female Genital Mutilation and early marriages; and harsh climatic conditions that have degenerated the living conditions of these communities. Facts indicate that whereas the rest of the country is actively involved and on target to achieve the development goals, ASAL regions are struggling to keep pace. This book identifies and critically analyzes issues of access, retention and transition rates in Kajiado County. This will inform stakeholders and development partners in Kajiado County on how to track access, retention and transition for policy improvement and extension of quality basic education to those currently unreached by the mainstream education

Видео: Land and Schooling Transferring Wealth across Generations International Food Policy Research Instit