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Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book (Second Edition) mary berry s ultimate cake book second edition

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Let Mary take you from new cook to good cook or from good cook to great cook with "Mary Berry's Cookery Course" now in paperback. With delicious recipes from soups, starters and mains to bread, puddings and cakes, you can master the foundations of cooking and build your culinary repertoire under the guidance of Mary Berry. Learn how to cook Mary Berry's favourite recipes with ease and find out how Mary gets her roast chicken skin so crispy and how she ensures her apple pie doesn't have a "soggy bottom". Perfect the basics of cooking with 12 classic "master recipes" such as leek and potato soup, chargrilled salmon fillets and Victoria sandwich cake with step-by-step instructions. Then cook your way to success with over 100 fail-safe recipes with photographs of each finished dish so you know what you're aiming for each time. Mary also offers advice on ingredients and how to keep a well-stocked pantry as well as teaching kitchen techniques such as whipping egg whites to guarantee perfect results every time. "Mary Berry's Cookery Course" is perfect for all home cooks who want to learn to cook "the Mary Berry way".