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MAX7219 Red LED Dot Matrix Display Module Microcontroller Module For Arduino max7219 dot matrix module for diy project

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Brand Elecfreaks Model No Quantity 1 Color White + black Material FR4 Features This chip includes shift register and data latch; 8 x 3 CH constant current and 64 x 256 grey PWM provides max 60mA for each color and each channel; Also can display in roll Specification Power supply: 3.3V-12V; Max current comsuption: 300mA; LED color: RGB tri-color LEDs; 8 x 8 dot matrix display assembled; Useful both for industrial and commercial information displays as well as for hobbyist humanmachine interfaces; Directly support Arduino; Simplify the driving way; High speed data transmission design improves the display refresh rate Application Arduino teaching DIY project development SCM learning and experiment English Manual/Spec Yes (E-format) Packing List 1 x Shield board 1 x Matrix module

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