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Michelle Styles Saved by the Viking Warrior michelle styles saved by the viking warrior

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Is there a place in the modern world for the values of a Viking? Can the way of the warrior lead to inner peace? According to veteran combat medic and former Navy Corpsman Jesse ÒDocÓ Walter, the lessons gleaned from the Norse and other warrior cultures of the past can provide a much-needed reminder of the simplicity of life amidst the turmoil of todayÕs world. "Originally, the term 'viking' was used as a verb, not a noun," explains Staff Sergeant Walter. ÒWhile most of us just exist in life, trying to focus on being but ultimately getting nowhere, our ancestors were explorers, artists, creators, and seekers of truth. They did things, and even to this day we remember their deeds. They did. You can do as well.Ó

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