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Mindy Neff The Secretary Gets Her Man mindy neff the secretary gets her man

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Brides of the Desert Rose:Return to the scene of scandals and seduction in this follow-up to the bestselling TEXAS SHEIKHS series.The Only DaughterLet Nick Grayson teach you the ropes around the office, her family said, and even feisty Jessica Coleman could not deny her duty–especially since one day she would inherit the family business. But still shamed by her teenage infatuation with the arrogant executive, Jessica decided to play it cool and distant…all the while making Nick drool and regret what he'd so carelessly turned down years ago. However, her carefully laid out plan spun out of control when Nick took her in his arms for a soul-searing kiss that led to a heated night of passion. Soon Jessica wondered how she'd survive falling for the enemy with her heart intact….