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Decoding Muriel Spark's Fiction: A Study of Theme of Quest & Suffering muriel spark open to the public – new

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The focus of this research is to further understand the issues surrounding urban design and planning of urban public open space in Addis Ababa, as Addis is one of the largest cities in Africa, with a huge concentration of people and resources, has suffered from many social and environmental problems. Among these problems, Shortage of quality & Standard public open spaces threaten the microclimate situations, health of the citizens and aesthetic quality of the city. Since 1998, inner city redevelopment policy/LDP/ has gradually become a relevant approach for addressing the ever pressing problems in Addis Ababa. Together with the emergence of new peripheries, inner-city areas affected by deterioration due to the failure of programs in relation to open spaces provisions in the past decades have been the object of study and actions. Thus, this research concludes that the Redevelopment/LDP/ programs are not playing crucial role in building public open spaces in the study areas as per the intended expectation. Finally, this research recommends “Start Planning and Design of Built Environment (areas supposed for redevelopment /LDP/) with Public Open Spaces” so as to have quanity, quality