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Original Xiaomi VR Play 2 Immersive Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for 4.7-5.5 inch 1080P Smart Phones Controller With Retail Box original xiaomi vr mi vr play 2

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video The Xiaomi Mi VR Headset is a special VR headset which with independent built-in independent motion sensor and remote control to bring you a wonderful VR experience. It features 103-degree wide-angle FOV and adjustable focus and head circumference. VR Glasses have a motion sensor that is 16x more sensitive which, if paired with a high-performance processor, results in 16 ms ultra-low latency. Soft material makes it comfortable to wear. Support focus adjustment allows myopia under 6 diopters and hyperopia under 2 diopters naked eye watching. It compatible with most Xiaomi smartphones and you can enjoy VR movie and game anywhere and anytime. The headset can be adjusted to fit any head shape with a help of a strap. It does not loosen for glasses to slide around on the head, allowing to dive into the VR virtual world even deeper. 16 ms ultra-low latency Sensor refresh rate of 1600Hz provides a smooth and realistic picture. A slight head movement is instantly synchronized with the VR world. It also reduces motion sickness so that the user does not feel dizzy. 9-axis inertial motion controller Mi VR Glasses are supplied with a somatosensory motion controller that lets user not just be an observer in VR virtual world, but also challenge it and develop hand movements control. Adjustable focus 103-degree viewing angle and 38 mm PMMA anti-glare lenses provide excellent visibility. The user can also adjust the distance from one’s eyes to the lenses to achieve a maximum field of view. Comfortable wear Putting it on does not bring discomfort as it is nicely balanced and disperses weight load accurately. Xiaomi Mi VR Glasses Lens Covered with a pleasant-to-touch and skin-friendly soft material. It absorbs perspiration and there will never be an unpleasant smell. Get active playing games and feel comfortable! A real treasure of content Figuring out what to play or watch has become even more complicated since Mi VR Glasses give access to an abundance of video games and 3D movies. Specifications General Name: Mi VR Headset Brand: Xiaomi Material: ABS, foam Compatible Smartphone: Xiaomi 5/5s/5s Plus/Note 2 VR Headset Sensor: 6-axis sensor (IMU) with built-in gyroscope, 16-bit speeder Max. Refresh Rate: 1600Hz Anti-glare Lens: 38mm FOV: 103 degree Light Transmittance: >93% Focus Adjustment: 6 diopters myopia, 2 diopters hyperopia Interface: Type-C Head Circumference: 52.5-63 cm Weight: 408g Size: 20 x 29.5 x 15.6 cm Motion Sensing Remote Controller Sensor: 9-axis sensor with built-in gyroscope, speeder, magnetometer Bluetooth: 4.0 TouchPad: 33mm x 32mm Power Supply: 2 x AAA batteries (not included) Weight: 25g (excluding batteries) Size: 11.7 x 4 x 1.55 cm Package Contents 1 x Mi VR Headset 1 x Remote Controller 1 x User Manual

Видео: Xiaomi Mi VR 2 - очки виртуальной реальности от Xiaomi, еще один шаг компании к миру 3D

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