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Ozymandias Meets Sophocles: The Tragedy of Development ozymandias meets sophocles the tragedy of development

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Development, an issue which has captivated scholars from many different fields (Political Science, Social Science, and Economy, or for that matter Philosophy), for many years has managed to linger on to this day. Development is a delicate and complex subject to deal with, more complex and complicated than one could imagine. Certainly, one cannot simply wish for the success of development in less developed areas (be it in terms of international level or local level). As such, this book discusses some of the very complex issues and hurdles faced in the process of development. The book looks into some of the economic policies behind the process of development, methods, the philosophy, and the failure of conventional wisdom to tackle the process of development. Since it is conventional wisdom that dictates how development is carried out, the analysis in this research provides an alternate view of development which questions the whole foundation behind the current conventional wisdom of the development. This book provides a good insight,for those who are interested in Economic, Social Science, Political Science, Philosophy, and of course development in general.