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Probit and Logit Analysis probit and logit analysis

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This study discusses the findings of the research that was carried out in selected Communities of Ekiti State among predominantly smallholder arable crop farmers on their perceptions and adaptations to climate change. A multistage samplying technique was used to randomly select 135 respondents. Data were analysed using descriptive statistics, ordered logit and multinomial regression models. The study discovered that almost all the farmers interviewed perceived changes in climate. The result of factors influencing farmers’ perception decisions using ordered logit regression analysis showed that gender, age and level of education were statistically significant in influencing the level of perceptions of the farmers. Finally, multinomial logit regression model was employed to analyse the factors that are influencing farmers’ choice of adaptation on climate change and variability. The results indicate that gender, age, farming experience, land tenure, farm size, access to extension services, access to loan, engage in non-farming activities, temperature and rainfall were the main factors influencing farmers’ choice of adaptation to mitigate effect of climate change.