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Luke Delaney DI Sean Corrigan Crime Series: 6-Book Collection: Cold Killing, Redemption of the Dead, The Keeper, The Network, The Toy Taker and The Jackdaw sean devney murder on the moon

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The DI Sean Corrigan Collection includes the first three books in Luke Delaney’s terrifyingly authentic DI Sean Corrigan series, COLD KILLING, THE KEEPER and THE TOY TAKER, plus two DI Sean Corrigan short stories, REDEMPTION OF THE DEAD and THE NETWORK.COLD KILLING:A series of brutal killings leaves South London’s Murder Investigation Unit struggling to connect the crimes: no recognizable method; no forensic evidence; no link between the victims.DI Sean Corrigan’s troubled past has left him with an uncanny ability to identify the darkness in others. He knows these murders are the work of one man. As the violence escalates, Sean must find the evidence he needs to bring the perpetrator to justice – before the next attack hits too close to home.REDEMPTION OF THE DEAD (SHORT STORY)1993. The Parkside Rapist has been terrorising the women of South London, and Detective Chief Superintendent Charlie Bannan is in need of a secret weapon if he’s going to catch this particular monster. When fresh-faced PC Sean Corrigan is transferred to join the team, Bannan immediately spots his potential…THE KEEPER:Thomas Keller knows exactly who he’s looking for…When women start disappearing from their homes in broad daylight, DI Sean Corrigan’s Murder Investigation Team is reluctant to take on a missing persons case. But then the first body turns up, and Corrigan knows he must quickly get into the mind of the murderer. Because this killer knows exactly who he wants. And he won’t stop until he finds her.THE NETWORK (SHORT STORY):Early in his career as a Detective, Corrigan is approached for an undercover assignment. He must take on the identity of a prison inmate and befriend a suspected paedophile, then infiltrate an early internet child abuse ring. Can he tap into his dark side for long enough to uncover the identities of the abusers without serious harm to himself?THE TOY TAKER:Children are being snatched from their homes in the dead of night. There’s no sign of forced entry, no one heard or saw a thing.DI Sean Corrigan needs to find four-year-old George Bridgeman before abduction becomes murder. But his ability to see into dark minds, to think like those he hunts, has deserted him – just when he needs it most.