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SPELLCASTING IN SILK spellcasting in silk

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Lily Ivory's life is looking up. Her vintage clothing store business is booming with the upcoming Summer of Love festival, her missing potbellied pig has been found, and even her love life is coming together. But she barely gets one day of respite before she's pulled back into the fray, with a middle-aged woman's suspicious suicide. Her husband is looking for someone to blame, and the SFPD wants Lily's help investigating the owner of a botanica that the woman had frequented to purchase spellcasting supplies. Soon Lily's almost-perfect life is coming apart at the seams, with a mystery encompassing more magical attacks, possible poltergeist activity, and a sullen teenager. Can Lily patch up her own life and help the police nab the killer?

Видео: Spellcasting in Silk (A Witchcraft Mystery #7) by Juliet Blackwell Livre PDF en Francais Télécharger

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