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Sericulture is the art and science behind silk production and refers to the moriculture, mass scale rearing of polu (silkworm) in order to obtain silk from them and as well as the production of raw silk, and its processing and marketing policy. Silk is a kind of proteineous natural fibre of animal origin produced by the silkworms for spinning of cocoon, which provides protection to silkworm from climatic whim during the most critical pupa stage of life. The fibre is composed of 80 percent of central fibroin (C15H23N5O6) and 20 percent of outer sericin (C15H25N5O8). These proteins are synthesized by the silkworm from mulberry leaves in two silk glands run along the body on either side. As a developing country, Bangladesh has fame in production of silk. Rajshahi silk is the famous one among all silks because it is comfortable and the glaze of this silk increases day by day. To develop the production of silk in our country, a sericulture research and training institute is established in Rajshahi city and Bangladesh Sericulture Board has included Barind region, Bholahat Upazila into their sericulture extension project. This book deals with the status of sericulture in Rajshahi region.

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