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Bias-adjusted satellite based rainfall estimates for flood prediction sre ‡ko horvat the radicality of love

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Satellite-based rainfall estimation technology has rapidly developed in the last few decades but this technology is still in its infancy in most of the Himalayan countries. A clear understanding of the satellite rainfall methods and products are a prerequisite to apply satellite rainfall estimates (SRE) for flood prediction. This research focuses on three broad objectives (i) evaluation of accuracy of SRE over the Central Himalayas of Nepal (ii) improvement of the SRE with bias adjustment (iii) improvement in the flood prediction by applying bias-adjustment. The verification of SRE was conducted at three levels, considering the whole country, at various physiographic regions and at river basin level. The application of SRE in the hydrological model indicated the need for bias-adjustment which when applied significantly improved the flood prediction. This book should help researchers, academicians as well as practitioners to better understand the performance of SRE over the Himalayas and its application for flood prediction.

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