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Charles Dixon Fifteen Hundred Miles An Hour the hundred mile an hour dog

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An ideal purchase for visitor or resident alike, this handy little atlas has an extensive area of coverage and shows the center of London at an extra large scale. From Chiswick in the west to Barking in the east, and Hampstead in the north to Dulwich in the south, mapping is at a scale of 1:20,000 (3.17 inches to 1 mile); and in Central London at 1:12,500 (5.1 inches to 1 mile). The maps are exceptionally clear and easy to use with color coding for both the roads as well as locations such as shops, hospitals, hotels, schools, and more. It includes the new Olympic Park, the latest boundary of the congestion charging zone, postal district boundaries, tourist information centers, an updated underground map on the back cover, and a full index to street names.

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