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Aeration systems for wastewater treatment the power of process

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The principles of phenomenon of a pulsed self-regulation of the arc melting process of a metal electrode, fed at a constant speed, are described. The process has an oscillating nature at the controlled values of welding current in a pulse and pause and, respectively, at a variable rate of the electrode melting. After decrease in arc length below the definite value, which corresponds to the preset “reference” value of the arc voltage, the power source increases spontaneously the current in a pulsed mode and its value becomes several times higher than the mean weighted value. It is result in increase the arc length and voltage. Then, when this voltage increases the “reference” value, the power source will “reset” the current to the level, being significantly lower than its weighted mean value. As a result, the electrode melting rate becomes much lower than its feed speed and the arc length is decreased. After the voltage decrease below its “reference” value, the values of the welding current are increased again. The cycle of the oscillating process of electrode melting is repeated. The spontaneous reaction of the power source is provided by a shape of its volt-ampere characteristic.

Видео: Apostle Joshua Selman - THE POWER OF PROCESS (New Sermon 2017)