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Tilly Fig is about the life of a teenage girl and her best friend. It is a story of love, friendship...and murder. Dr. Tilly Figlit comes back to her small hometown and the little house where she grew up to visit her ailing mother. While on her visit, Tilly flashes back to her childhood and the vivid memories she has of love and friendship, the funny and poignant events of her school days, and a murder mystery that has gone unsolved all these years. Through her flashback and present-day visit with her mother and younger brother William, the truth eventually reveals itself to Tilly, enabling her in the end to solve the mystery that no one else could. Astounded, only she will ever know the truth about what happened all those years ago. "Tilly takes us on an exciting adventure. Her heartwarming friendship with Skeet is one that every tween can relate to." -Holly Smith "Tilly and Skeet exemplify what friendship is all about. Their relationship unfolds and blossoms throughout their many adventures together. A remarkable story of the commitment and devotion between two friends." -Judy Grammatico "True friendship is hard to find except when it comes to Tilly and Skeet. They take us through the events of their lives with warmth, compassion, and a marvelous curiosity. The reader is completely drawn into their saga." -Marva Prete "I couldn't put the book down. Every page had me wanting more. The mystery is intriguing and the flashback creatively enhances...

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