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Total Quality Management Model in Higher Education total quality management model in higher education

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KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT is becoming popular in education field due to need to disclose the intellectual power available in institution for sharing experiences. It has great potential & should have equal and even greater significance for education sector. Knowledge builds on knowledge and past events helps in generating new knowledge. The main source of generation of knowledge is human efforts which are developed through conducting good educational activities, research activities and generating innovative concepts in the area of interest. All knowledge generating organizations like industries, R&D centers, and higher education institutes from colleges to universities are considered as “Knowledge Houses” where knowledge flows from teachers to students and new knowledge is created but many times remains as gray.This book will be a good reference for all educational institutes who are willing to initiate this process. Author discussed importance of knowledge management in education sector, suggested strategies and techniques used to capture tacit knowledge hidden in brains of students & teachers & knowledge management process for higher educational institutes in developing countries.

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