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Tupac: Conspiracy tupac conspiracy

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Tupac: The Modern-Day Messiah is a courageous attempt to connect the late Tupac Shakur's intricate lyricism and profound interviews into a variety of societal flaws including, but not up to, racial oppression, police brutality, and economic inequality. Throughout the book, Andrew brings a unique approach of correlating Tupac's message with The Black Panther movement, W. E. B. Du Bois, Afeni Shakur, Malcolm X, Brown vs. Board as well as Plato's Cave Allegory Theory. The book's most unique aspect lies in how presumptive thought suggests that Tupac foreshadowed much of the flaws in present-day America. From Malcolm X, to Martin Luther King to Tupac Shakur, the consistent theme is how progressive ideologists traditionally die early for their beliefs. While Tupac's physical body is no longer present, his spirit lives on forever. This book is a valiant attempt at carrying out Tupac's legacy.

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