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Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent Insect Repeller - White ultrasonic mosquito repellent insect repeller white

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Description : Ultrasonic Mosquito Insect Pest Electro Repeller Household Essentials Features : Works by continuously transmitting a powerful range of ultrasonic sound waves that drives away pests. Sound wave frequencies are non-toxic and harmless to humans and pets, an alternative to toxic chemicals and dangerous traps. Have great effect in 50-80 square meters in the room. LED light indicates that it is currently working. Low power consumption, suitable for long time operation. Does not interfere with the operation of radio, television or other electronic equipment. Lustrate house mouse, black beetle, mosquito, flea, fly, cricket, ant, wood ant etc vermin. Specification : Input voltage : 100-240V. Input frequency : 50-60Hz. Input Power : No more than 2W. Output Audio : 20-65KHz. Size : 9.8cm x 6.0cm (3.78inch x 2.36inch) Net wight : 40g Package weight : 70g Color : Black, White Package Includes : 1 x Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 1 x Power Adapter according to your country Details Pictures :

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