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Neo-Classical Art in Home Design what is classicism

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What are the influences of various international critical schools of thought in various eras on Pashto Literature and Pashto Criticism? What have been the consequences and what has been the angle while criticizing Pashto Literature? What are the limits of criticism? What is the contribution of criticism to creation and research? What are the influences of other critical theories on Pashto Literature and has Pashto Literature been influenced by these theories or not? If it has been influenced, what are the reasons? Classicism and modernization have been discussed regarding every aspect. What is the relation between them and which kind of relation is this? What can be the consequences of relation? If they can not cope with each other, which kind of synthesis should be there? Has Pashto Literature progressed on international level? If it is not so what are the causes? It has been tried to answer the above mentioned questions in the very selected topic.