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Wolf Head Style Stainless Steel Slingshot - Black + Silver wolf head style stainless steel slingshot black silver

wolf head style stainless steel slingshot black silver купить по лучшей цене

Model G-102 Quantity 1 Color Silver + black Material Stainless steel Functions Suitable for outdoor sports hunting exploration self-defending and competition etc. Features No Other Features Adopts unique inflection design making hand comfortable distributing pulling stress to palm and releasing finger stress improving target precision and stability; Specially designed for slingshot lovers outdoor sport lovers and fishing lovers; Elegant firm comfortable and practical; Note: Please use it at open space w/ 300 x 300m; Younger than 18 years old is forbidden to buy; Forbid to project at human beings and animals; Do not destroy facilities or do illegal activities Packing List 1 x Slingshot 1 x Rubber band 5 x Steel balls

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